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1-0aEditorial Board - Technical Support - Information for Peers - Guiding Principles428263
1-0bFront Cover Vignette406163
1-1All-Band 2G+3G Radial Disc-Cone Antennas: Design, Construction and Measurements464352
1-2Measurement Uncertainty in Network Analyzers: Differential Error Analysis of Error Models Part 1: Full One-Port Calibration206152
1-3Measurement Uncertainty in Network Analyzers: Differential Error Analysis of Error Models Part 2: Full Two-Port Calibration218199
2-4Direct and Related Far-Field Inverse Scattering Problems for Spherical Electromagnetic Waves in Chiral Media474301
2-5Experimental Results on the Behavior of Water Droplets on Polymeric Surfaces Under the Influence of Electric Fields: the Case of an Inclined Test Arrangement for PVC, Rubber and Silicone Rubber422341
2-6Measurement Uncertainty in Network Analyzers: Differential Error Analysis of Error Models Part 3: Short One-Port Calibration - Comparison200162
3-7The Very First Ever Made 3D/4D Virtual Laboratory for Antennas320283
3-8Near-field Method in Solving Inverse Scattering Problem of Spherical Electromagnetic Waves in Chiral media286321
4-9Interfaces in High Voltage Engineering: A Most Important Question for Conventional Solid Insulating Materials as well as for Nanocomposite Polymers496885
4-10Spherical Beltrami Fields in Chiral Media: Reciprocity and General Theorems318271
4-11Self-Standing End-Fed Geometrically Uniform Linear Arrays: Analysis, Design, Construction, Measurements and FLOSS302173
4-12Parameters Affecting the Lifetime of Transformer Oil in Distribution Transformers: Parameter Monitoring of 50 Transformers from the Athens Area276257
5-13Electrical Machine Insulation: Traditional Insulating Materials, Nanocomposite Polymers and the Question of Electrical Trees358330
5-14Antenna Radiation Patterns: RadPat4W - FLOSS for MS Windows or Wine Linux304168
6-15Visual EM Simulator for 3D Antennas: VEMSA3D - FLOSS for MS Windows180148
6-16Diagnostic Techniques in Transformer Oils: Factors Affecting the Lifetime of Transformer Oil in Transformers of 150/20 kV and the Problem of Relating Diagnostics Data with their Pre-history228221
7-17Thoughts on the Possibility of Damage of High-Voltage Electrical Insulation below the so-called Inception Voltage: The Historical Background - Part I132165
7-18A Planar Delta-Cross Shaped Loop Antenna: Analysis and Simulation - The 2 WL Case140112

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