Self-Standing End-Fed Electrically Quasi-Uniform Linear Arrays: Analysis, Design, Construction, Measurements and FLOSS

17 31, K. Th. Kondylis, N. I. Yannopoulou, P. E. Zimourtopoulos


Based on the analysis presented by the authors in their previous work for end-fed space arrays, where an application to geometrically uniform self-standing linear arrays of parallel dipoles was given, this paper presents the results of a single driving-point, self-standing, fully uniform linear array, that is one which has electrical uniformity, as well as, an application to the constrained pattern design. During the synthesis process and due to the multiplicity of solutions resulting from the complex analytical relations given here, the criterion of Electrically Quasi-Uniform Linear Array EQ-ULA was introduced. An experimental array model was designed, simulated, constructed, and its three main-plane radiation patterns were measured. The measurements were found in good agreement with analytical, computational, and theoretical results, and thus the proposed technique was experimentally proved. The developed software applications are available as FLOSS Free Libre Open Source Software.

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CC-BY 3.0